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Our Creative Curriculum

We have a creative and varied curriculum throughout school. We create lots of opportunities for the children to find things out for themselves, and learn new things through their first hand experiences - which often means them getting their hands dirty! We plan for the children to achieve their targets through a topic approach to the curriculum, and we review our topics regularly, so that we are offering experiences that will excite and enthuse the children.

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Class Dojo

All of our classes use a new point based reward system called Class Dojo for sharing and communicating the progress of our pupils. All parents and carers are invited to sign up for this real-time communication platform to help develop effective and successful engagement.

We use Class Dojo to keep in touch with you about school events, send reminders, send celebratory messages about learning and community activities.

Please refer to our Class Dojo Leaflet or see your child's teacher if you would like any further information.

You can also visit the official Class Dojo website at

Our School Prayer

Here is our new school prayer, is sums up the values and beliefs of our school.

Dear everyone

We'd like to thank the ones we love.

Down on earth and up above.

We love the plants, the flowers, the trees.

We love the animals, the birds, the bees.

We want to help the world to grow.

And we'll do our best to make it so.

Welcome to our kind and caring school.





SAW Project March 2019


. .


. .

.  .




Here are some photos from our SAW project display.

Parents enjoyed coming to look at our work that was displayed in the hall.

If you would like more information about our curriculum then feel free to speak to your child's teacher.

Remembrance Week November 2018

We did lots of learning about Remembrance Day. Each class learnt a poem and we performed it in our special Remembrance Assembly.

Parents and staff we also delighted with all the hard work that children had put in when learning about Remembrance.

Here are some photos of our learning which has been displayed in school and at 'The Centre'.









Healthy Eating





Here is our Healthy Eating display. Please have a look at it in the school hall. Thank you.


Handwriting Certificates

Your child will receive a 'Bronze Award' certificate for their handwriting when they form every letter correctly, starting and finishing in the right place. 

Your child will receive a 'Silver Award' certificate for their handwriting when they form every letter properly, of the right size with the correct 'lead in' and finishing stroke.


Gold Award Handwriting Certificates will be presented in our Star Assemblies.


School Council

Check our homepage to find out who this year's school council members are!