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Weekly school newsletters
If you would like a copy of a previous newsletter please ask at the school office.

Welcome to Brinsworth Manor Infant School (PDF)

Size: 611.51 KB

OFSTED School Inspections Guide (PDF)

Size: 320.67 KB

E-Safety Evening Letter 21st November 2018 (PDF)

Size: 134.72 KB

A Guide to Class Dojo (PDF)

Size: 475.23 KB

A Guide to Learning Skills at Brinsworth Manor Infant (PDF)

Size: 629.83 KB

Parental Agreement Form Safe Use of Photos Taken by School (PDF)

Size: 333.92 KB

Newsletter 14th November 2018 (PDF)

Size: 552.97 KB

Newsletter 25th October 2018 (PDF)

Size: 552.13 KB

Newsletter 12th October 2018 (PDF)

Size: 272.94 KB

Newsletter 28th September 2018 (PDF)

Size: 487.15 KB

Star of the Week Letter (PDF)

Size: 302.67 KB

Protection of Personal Data - May 2018 (PDF)

Size: 287.11 KB

Breakfast Club Leaflet 1 (PDF)

Size: 338.71 KB

Breakfast Club Leaflet 2 (PDF)

Size: 220.22 KB

Tea Time Club Letter (PDF)

Size: 526.46 KB

Tea Time Club Menu (PDF)

Size: 225.11 KB

Tea Time Club Activities (PDF)

Size: 188.52 KB