Information for Parents

You will find all relevant information and documents on this page.

Welcome to Brinsworth Manor Infant School (PDF)

Size: 611.51 KB

Ofsted Report 13th November 2018 (PDF)

Size: 192.83 KB

Accessibility Plan (PDF)

Size: 271.7 KB

Admission Arrangements 2017-2018 (PDF)

Size: 288.19 KB

Advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying (PDF)

Size: 209.26 KB

Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)

Size: 229.8 KB

Assessment Policy (PDF)

Size: 283.57 KB

Attendance Policy jointly with Brinsworth Manor Junior School (PDF)

Size: 690.92 KB

A Guide to Class Dojo (PDF)

Size: 475.23 KB

A Guide to Learning Skills at Brinsworth Manor Infant (PDF)

Size: 629.83 KB

CCTV Policy (PDF)

Size: 437.07 KB

Charging and Remissions Policy (PDF)

Size: 352.98 KB

Child Protection Policy (PDF)

Size: 333.61 KB

Children in Public Care Policy (PDF)

Size: 266.53 KB

Complaints Procedure (PDF)

Size: 473.01 KB

Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) (PDF)

Size: 521.37 KB

Developing Excellence Plan 2018-2019 (PDF)

Size: 291.73 KB

EAL Policy (PDF)

Size: 338.32 KB

Equality and Diversity Policy (PDF)

Size: 402.4 KB

Equality Objectives Statement (PDF)

Size: 321.82 KB

E-Safety Incident Log (PDF)

Size: 243.34 KB

E-Safety Policy (PDF)

Size: 547.69 KB

E-safety Useful Links for Parents (PDF)

Size: 421.46 KB

Food in Schools Policy (PDF)

Size: 592.58 KB

Foundation Stage Policy (PDF)

Size: 292.67 KB

Handwriting Policy October 2018 (PDF)

Size: 196.25 KB

Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Size: 476.7 KB

How to Apply for the Pupil Premium Grant (PDF)

Size: 270.71 KB

ICT Rules - Reception (PDF)

Size: 332.35 KB

ICT Rules - Year 1 (PDF)

Size: 355.62 KB

ICT Rules - Year 2 (PDF)

Size: 353.21 KB

Inclusion Statement (PDF)

Size: 176.43 KB

Information for teachers on how to keep information (PDF)

Size: 178.17 KB

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.29 MB

Key Stage 1 Pupil ICT Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Size: 488.22 KB

Marking and Feedback Policy (PDF)

Size: 632.55 KB

Medication Policy (PDF)

Size: 798.06 KB

Medicine Form updated October 2018 (PDF)

Size: 162.87 KB

Parent Questionnaire for School Website (PDF)

Size: 92.7 KB

Parental Agreement Form Safe Use of Photos Taken by School (PDF)

Size: 333.92 KB

PE Policy (PDF)

Size: 145.21 KB

Photo Consent Form (PDF)

Size: 137.18 KB

Positive Behaviour Management Policy (PDF)

Size: 236 KB

Privacy Notice May 2018 (PDF)

Size: 216.77 KB

Promotion of British Values (PDF)

Size: 587.04 KB

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018 2019 (PDF)

Size: 641.85 KB

Read Write Inc Policy (PDF)

Size: 685.66 KB

Safeguarding Policy (PDF)

Size: 585.06 KB

SEND Offer Part 1 (PDF)

Size: 129.52 KB

SEND Offer Part 2 (PDF)

Size: 96.55 KB

SEND Report (PDF)

Size: 455.28 KB

Sex and Relationships Policy (PDF)

Size: 316.39 KB

Smoke-Free Policy (PDF)

Size: 330.09 KB

Sports Premium Information (PDF)

Size: 70.53 KB

Staff Code of Conduct (PDF)

Size: 175.58 KB

Staff ICT Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Size: 336.42 KB

Summary of Provision and Strategies for Support (PDF)

Size: 97.32 KB

Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF)

Size: 632.98 KB

Transition Policy (PDF)

Size: 325.71 KB

Use of the Pupil Premium Grant (PDF)

Size: 82.53 KB

Young People Summer Advice (PDF)

Size: 178.34 KB